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Hardmission Festival is an electronic music event characterized by hardstyle, hardcore and exceptional production, using tailor-made shows inspired by dark and deep themes to announce the artists, taking you on a journey into uncharted territory.

The theme of the first edition of Hardmission was ‚The Prophecy‘. The ancient prophecy foretells eight prophets who set out on a mission to establish a new empire. To create this new empire, it is necessary for each of the prophets to perform a mystical ritual and activate the seals of power on the sacred octahedron. Each side of the octahedron represents one of 8 different worlds. By unlocking all seals we will activate the sacred object, establishing a new empire and taking you on an audiovisual journey into the world of Hardmission.

After fulfilling The Prophecy, activating the sacred octahedron and creating a new empire, we have been given a new world. At first, it seemed uninhabitable and dusty desert, but then we found the place, where the prophets pointed us. The sacred mountain gave us water,  providing the people with rich natural resources. We dig deep into the mountain and after centuries we were able to excavate the whole object. Slowly but surely, the area around the object became a town, then a huge city. Living in prosperity, the empire thrived. But nothing last endlessly and the time of change has come. The long-awaited eclipse.

Get ready for a new journey into the unknown and join us on the next mission into the world of harder styles with a brand new theme “Destiny”



United Music Events was founded in 2005 with the aim of presenting major high-quality dance events in Central and Eastern Europe. Since its inception, United Music has organized more than 100 events in the Czech Republic, mainly in Prague. Since 2014 United Music has expanded to organize events around the world and currently hosts events in Europe, Asia and Australia. The United Music team consists of Dutch, Czech and Slovak employees and has offices in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the UAE.

Our aim is to organize eye-catching events that bring joy and togetherness, where people can have fun and enjoy exclusive experiences. In order to do so, we built strong and loyal relationships with partners and our fans. Some of the most famous events United Music organized in Prague’s O2 arena are Sensation (in co-operation with ID&T) and Transmission Festival.

United Music is known for its eye for detail, always aiming to organize events on the highest possible level, providing mind-blowing productions and a quality experience for visitors and artists. This is characterized by the use of high-quality sound systems, spectacular lighting setups and world-class artists.